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The Ultimate Planning Tool, for the Professional Planner

The consumer visiting a landscape designer, kitchen or bathroom designer or even a paint store, can sit with the professional and watch a full color, detailed plan take shape on a computer screen. The engaged couple sitting down with a wedding consultant has to be content with primitive circles and rectangles masquerading as reception hall tables or, at best, two dimensional drawings of the chapel, hall or outdoor wedding setting.

Not any longer! With My Style Wedding, the wedding planning professional has an advanced toolset that puts the engaged couple right into full color, detailed virtual reality settings long before they even set foot in their actual, chosen, wedding venues.

Imagine having the ability to take any idea from a new client or even prospective client and immediately show the engaged couple how their dream will translate into their real life wedding. Imagine being able to craft any chapel, church, synagogue, reception hall, party room or outdoor setting with a few movements of a computer mouse.

Imagine being able to decorate each venue exactly how it will be decorated on that special day. Imagine placing images of guests into the venue, seating them in pews or at tables exactly as they will be seated at the wedding. Now, imagine enabling your client couple to move around each venue, walking as they will at their wedding among their guests or, in the case of the bride, down the aisle. No other planning tool will help you make the original sale, visualize every detail of your plan in 3D, and test every idea of the plan like My Style Wedding.

My Style Wedding can be purchased in multiple copies at incredible discounts created for wedding designers and event planners. Devote a disk to each wedding so you can make changes at will, share the disk with clients at show and tell sessions and present them with the completed disk as a wedding present they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

My Style Wedding is a breeze to learn and to use. Customize each of its comprehensive planning tools – from task, guest, RSVP, vendor and gift lists to budget – to suit your resources and the local venues chosen by your clients.

Personalize your software plan by inserting photographs of the bride, groom, guests, backgrounds or even family pets. It’s easy but the results of My Style Wedding will seem like magic to your clients. Help them to dream it, plan it, live it, with the most advanced wedding planning software available anywhere. It’s a professional grade toolset available at a consumer price. My Style Wedding can help professional wedding, event planners and co-ordinators in a number of ways:

  • Purchase multiple copies of My Style Wedding for a discount of 20% for resale to your clients. Earn extra revenue. Then email updates of your plans for your clients to enter into their copies of My Style Wedding.

  • Purchase multiple copies of My Style Wedding at volume discounts and devote a copy to each wedding plan

  • Purchase multiple copies of My Style Wedding at volume discounts to provide each member of your planning staff with a copy for each wedding in progress so they can work on or off site

  • Show prospective and new clients 3D images of church, synagogue, chapel, outdoor and beach weddings to help them choose among various venues.

  • Show prospective and new clients 3D images of how their own dreams might translate into real life settings.

  • Design weddings and print into a file or on paper resulting 3D images to show, send or email to prospective and existing clients and other planners. Clients can show these images to relatives and friends.

  • Create generic plans, complete with 3D images, to show prospective clients each step of the planning process

  • Create specific plans, complete with 3D images, to show new clients each step of the planning process and to remind existing clients of the process in progress

  • Test the vision and personal tastes of clients by showing them 3D images during interviews with the bride and groom

  • Use the photo insertion features in 3D images to show clients vendor choices (insert cakes from various vendors until the client is satisfied with the looks of a specific ‘product’)

  • Use 3D images during client and your interviews with prospective vendors to illustrate to  vendors exactly what will be expected

  • Ensure the look and feel of products as illustrated in 3D images is included in contracts with vendors

  • Refer to the planning tools in My Style Wedding as you keep in touch with brides and grooms during the process

  • Use My Style Wedding planning tools to schedule all tasks including overseeing of delivery of contracted services

  • Ensure the client informs you of each addition or change to the plan by ensuring your copy of My Style Wedding matches the client’s copy and entries such as guest list, gift list, vendor list, budget, etc.

  • Add specific tasks to My Style Wedding to keep the event running smoothly and to remind you and the client of must do tasks and contingencies

  • Test the client’s preferred color scheme and theme from floral arrangements to tablecloths to photos of theme decorations.

  • Use 3D images to deter the client from design errors

  • Assist the client to use planning software to make the planning task easier, faster, more efficient and capable of sharing with remote family and friends

  • Use My Style Wedding interactivity to enable clients to move through ceremonies, receptions and party venues

  • Use My Style Wedding interactivity to rehearse roles of bride, groom, ushers, bridesmaids, wedding party members, etc., long before accessing chosen venues

  • Engage the groom more in the planning process with My Style Wedding software
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