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My Style Wedding is the first wedding planner in the world that gives you the power to live your wedding and all its events long before the special day or even long before you enter your chosen venues. The standard tools in My Style Wedding are used to create the photo realistic, 3D, interactive scenes in which you can see and experience every detail of your wedding ceremony, reception, party or planning event.

Choose your event in the Live It section of My Style Wedding. It comes to life in either a 2D or 3D view. See every aspect of every venue as though you were walking through it, flying over it or recording each detail with your own battery of cameras. My Style Wedding enables you to move through events as you will do on your Special Day.

Live It

Use the Paintbrush tool to change colors of elements in your venue. You’ll be able to choose the ideal color scheme for your ceremony and reception with My Style Wedding’s amazing abilities to change color and textures of tablecloths, napkins, walls and floral arrangements at will.

My Style Wedding has fantastic catalogues of people images, decorations, furniture and other elements to place in your venues. Add a table to your scene with appropriate accessories. Place guests at your tables. Move among and greet your guests as you will at your real life reception. Customize any setting from the templates provided in My Style Wedding.

Personalize your settings by importing any photos you wish. Replace the catalogue image of an adult female guest with a real photo of Aunt Bess and place her at a table in your reception hall. Place a photo of your backyard in an outdoor setting; then place tables on the grass in your photo. Place a photo of your real wedding cake into your reception scene. My Style Wedding’s truly wondrous Photo Board Wizard is only one of the marvelous features in My Style Wedding that makes all other paper and software wedding planners obsolete.

Print your 2D and 3D scenes and use them in a myriad of ways – to see your planning come to life; to aid in rehearsals, or just to show your friends and family your dreams even before they come true. Share your 3D scenes online. Save your scenes on your computer, on disk, or in your precious Wedding Album as you will your photos. Combine My Style Wedding scenes with the video of your Wedding. Save, Print and re-Live this day forever with the help of My Style Wedding.

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