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GuestsToday’s ‘average’ wedding includes about 180 guests. Using My Style Wedding’s Guest feature, you’ll never overlook a single guest or RSVP. Here, you can Add, Edit and Delete guest names and details including their gender and age group. You can Import and Export names and details from and to other address files. You can print guest lists or information about individual guests.

Your guest list will include particulars including the guest’s address and contact numbers and, most importantly, the Invitation Status of each guest.

Guests can be invited, through this feature, to all or any events such as the ceremony, reception, bachelor party, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. They can be sorted by Name and Invitation Status and can be grouped in Categories such as Bride’s Family or Groom’s Coworkers.

Once you’ve entered your guest information, you’ll be able to place, see and even move among your guests in the world’s first, photo realistic 3D wedding settings.


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