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There is no doubt that The Budget is the number one concern of today’s brides and grooms. An average wedding can cost more money than a good car and wedding expenses have a habit of escalating out of control unless they are watched carefully and constantly. My Style Wedding enables you to take and keep charge of your Wedding Budget and to see how each expense looks in real life.

You’ll use the Budget planning feature to list each anticipated expense, including all the standard costs included in the menu. You’ll list the Estimated cost of each item from your Wedding gown to your Wedding photos and video. You’ll enter the Actual cost once you have paid for the item and you’ll instantly see the Variance - the amount spent over or under your Budget. You’ll see when you made a Deposit and Paid the whole bill. You’ll see, at a glance, whom the bill was Paid By and, of course, the Total. View your budget details by category such as Fashion, Food and Drink and Travel and Accommodation and, of course, Print your budget at any time.

Each time you open My Style Wedding, you’ll find your budget details instantly and prominently displayed in the Overview screen. Use My Style Wedding for all your planning and you’ll always have your Budget in view and under control.

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