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My Style Wedding: its background and power

Welcome to My Style Wedding, the world’s first three dimensional, interactive wedding planner.

My Style Wedding was developed to move wedding planning and its software to the next level in terms of technology and of the needs of couples to see what they will achieve with their hours of work and considerable expenditures. It is surprising that existing print and software wedding planners are, mainly, list creating machines, with no ability to ‘show’ the wedding being planned. 3D technology allows planners to see and experience every detail of their work as it will appear in real life.

The developers of My Style Wedding were inspired by stories of couples who were disappointed that their actual venues fell short of their dreams – lacks they became aware of only in the last few days before the wedding. Now dreams come true on the computer screen even as early as the day after the proposal. Couples can design the venues they want or change supplied templates to the venues they have arranged so they can see every detail long before the critical final days of planning.

In My Style Wedding, couples have all the standard tools needed to plan one of the most special days of their lives plus the ability to see all their plans come true before their eyes. An engaged couple truly can ‘dream it, plan it and live it’ with all the color, pageantry, fun and excitement that only My Style Wedding can provide. A professional planner, mother of the bride or other helper also can see the dream unfold and compare their realistic scenes with those of the couple until everyone is in the same ‘picture.’

The 3D technology of My Style Wedding allows a planner to see the venue for each Wedding event the way it will look in real life. Beginning with templates or generic scenes of events, the planner can customize these rooms or outdoor settings with color, changes in size and textures, and additions of decorations, personal photos and other things so venues reflect real life choices.

The Interactive technology of My Style Wedding means a couple can ‘navigate’ or move around in settings. Walk down the aisle at ‘your’ ceremony and lead the first dance at ‘your’ reception. Walk around each setting just as ‘you’ will on the days of ‘your’ Wedding, bachelor party and bridal shower. The Wedding Party can use My Style Wedding to rehearse and experience their roles long before they enter actual venues.

The market

My Style Wedding has been developed for just engaged couples and those assisting them in the planning of larger weddings or for professional planners.

The majority of just engaged couples are in the age groups most likely to have access to the Internet and to be users of the computer and the Internet for research and software tools. Statistics show about half of engaged couples search the Internet for help as they plan their weddings. Of course, with My Style Wedding’s amazing features, this percentage may rise.

The majority of professional planners will want the latest and most powerful tools so they can trade ideas back and forth with their customers. No other software provides the ability to trade ideas – and dreams – like My Style Wedding. Planners can develop and display photo-realistic venues and elements at any time in the planning so the engaged couple can see and feel each detail before they approve it.

The power and excitement of My Style Wedding will appeal as well to couples planning smaller weddings, and particularly to those who envision weddings with a difference. My Style Wedding is ideal for the planner of the outdoor wedding since landscaping can be added or altered. Photos of actual yard scenes can be placed in My Style Wedding as part of the interactive tableaux. My Style Wedding can visualize a beach wedding or any other intimate or exotic wedding scene.

No doubt, there will be dreamers who will be attracted to My Style Wedding. Using the tools in this software, a wedding aficionado can emulate a celebrity wedding or plan dream weddings of their own without a date – or even a ‘date’ – in reality.

My Style Wedding can be a valuable tool for others because of its power to transform any venue into a wedding scene. The planner of a Bridal Shower or Bachelor Party can use My Style Wedding to layout a venue whether in a hired hall, backyard or household. The Banquet Staff of a hotel or Reception Hall can use My Style Wedding to illustrate their facilities and plans to customers.

My Style Wedding can be used even by planners who already have entered data into other planners; depending on the technology of the original database, information can be imported into My Style Wedding from the planner that lacks the 3D interactivity of My Style Wedding.

My Style Wedding will help preserve memories long after the wedding. A plan created in My Style Wedding will serve as a visual reminder as well as a definitive database for couples as they relive and share their dreams and memories.

The Software

The engaged couple learns about My Style Wedding through the website or packaging that provides extensive help in the form of how-to videos and text explanations of each great feature. My Style Wedding not only shows couples their wedding far in advance, it ‘talks’ to them every step of the way.

My Style Wedding helps you each step of the way with easy-to-use ‘Wizards’, and extensive online Help. We provide you with a comprehensive list of the things you should consider as you plan. In most cases, you can click on a list or a ‘drop down’ menu and choose the task or item you wish to include in your plan. If you don’t find the listing you need, you’ll be able to type it in yourself.

An opening Wedding Setup Wizard allows you to begin creating your unique wedding plan. You can choose the settings you have dreamed about: the church, chapel or synagogue wedding ceremony with the grand hotel or banquet hall reception; the outdoor wedding and reception in your yard; or the beachfront gala. Use the generic templates provided in My Style Wedding and customize and personalize them at will to suit the colors and character of your real venues and the placement of your guests.


An invaluable Timeline guides you through the events, appointments and tasks that lead to your Wedding Day. Did you know you should order the bridal gown and headpiece ten months before your Wedding Day? You will when you follow My Style Wedding’s terrific Timeline.

And, in the Overview, you’ll find an up-to-date count of your Guests, their RSVP status, your Estimated Costs and the Current Amount you have spent. You’ll never lose track of your planning with My Style Wedding’s all-inclusive Overview.


Today’s ‘average’ wedding includes about 180 guests. Using My Style Wedding’s Guest feature, you’ll never overlook a single guest or RSVP. Here, you can Add, Edit and Delete guest names and details including their gender and age group. You can Import and Export names and details from and to other address files. You can print guest lists or information about individual guests.

Your guest list will include particulars including the guest’s address and contact numbers and, most importantly, the Invitation Status of each guest.

Guests can be invited, through this feature, to all or any events such as the ceremony, reception, bachelor party, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. They can be sorted by Name and Invitation Status and can be grouped in Categories such as Bride’s Family or Groom’s Coworkers.

Once you’ve entered your guest information, you’ll be able to place, see and even move among your guests in the world’s first, photo realistic 3D wedding settings.


With the RSVP feature in My Style Wedding, you won’t have to worry about who will come to your wedding and who just can’t make it. Through this feature, you’ll list each guest, whether you have received an RSVP, and if the guest has Accepted your invitation. You will also note who in the guest’s party will also attend.

A secondary menu allows you to note details of special attention that might be required by any guest. Here, you can note times and locations for Pickup and Drop Off of guests and details of Accommodations they might need while ‘in town.’


A wedding is much more than a ceremony; it is a host of events including the reception, bridal shower, bachelor party, rehearsal dinner and so on. You want each of these events to be carefully planned to provide you and your guests with an experience that is fun, exciting and even dramatic. Your dreams come to life when you plan each event with this feature and, then, see each event in three dimensions.


Why compile a seemingly endless checklist of things to do and things done when My Style Wedding does this for you?

In My Style Wedding’s Checklist, you’ll find a great list of standard tasks that will make your Wedding absolutely perfect down to the last thank you card. You can Add, Edit and Delete items to make certain all your unique wishes are included in your checklist. You can note dates and vendors involved in your tasks and, of course, you can check off those tasks you have completed and be reminded, instantly, of those you still have to do. Print out your checklist at any time so everyone in your planning circle can have an up-to-date copy.

Did you remember to notify your caterer when you have a final guest count? Did you send your wedding gown to a professional dry cleaner after the ceremony? Did you finish packing your suitcase for your honeymoon? You won’t forget any vital – or minor – task when you use My Style Wedding’s super Checklist.


Dealing with vendors, from the professional planner to the baker to the stationary store, is a chore that demands detail and constant attention. My Style Wedding does a great deal to take the work and worry out of managing vendors. In the Vendors feature, you’ll Add, Edit and Delete Vendors along with address and contact information. Print a list of your suppliers.

You can find leading, reliable vendors simply by clicking on the My Style Wedding Web Site icon in the menus of this feature. We are compiling a database of preferred Wedding vendors who will make your life easier and who will make your dreams and plans come true.


There is no doubt that The Budget is the number one concern of today’s brides and grooms. An average wedding can cost more money than a good car and wedding expenses have a habit of escalating out of control unless they are watched carefully and constantly. My Style Wedding enables you to take and keep charge of your Wedding Budget and to see how each expense looks in real life.

You’ll use the Budget planning feature to list each anticipated expense, including all the standard costs included in the menu. You’ll list the Estimated cost of each item from your Wedding gown to your Wedding photos and video. You’ll enter the Actual cost once you have paid for the item and you’ll instantly see the Variance– the amount spent over or under your Budget. You’ll see when you made a Deposit and Paid the whole bill. You’ll see, at a glance, whom the bill was Paid By and, of course, the Total. View your budget details by category such as Fashion, Food and Drink and Travel and Accommodation and, of course, Print your budget at any time.

Each time you open My Style Wedding, you’ll find your budget details instantly and prominently displayed in the Overview screen. Use My Style Wedding for all your planning and you’ll always have your Budget in view and under control.


Your family and friends provide you with gifts to express their affection for you and to wish you well in your new life together as a family. The Gifts feature of My Style Wedding enables you to treat these gifts and their gives with all the respect and care they deserve.

Add, Edit and Delete information about gifts in My Style Wedding. Print a list. You’ll see instantly From whom the gift was Received and the Event with which it was associated. You’ll enter a Description of each gift and whether you Exchanged or Returned the Gift. You even have the opportunity to include a monetary gift. You will also note when you send a thank you to the gift giver.


Stationery is an important element in organizing a Wedding and its events. You’ll need Envelopes, Labels, Place Cards, Table Assignments and Thank You cards, along with other printed materials.

The Stationery feature of My Style Wedding allows you to print a range of materials for your Ceremony, Reception or other Events and to address these materials to everyone or selected guests and members of the Wedding Party.

Whether you print your own or rely on a professional printer for your stationery needs, your Stationery feature tracks all your information and helps make sure it gets to the right people at the right time.

Live It

My Style Wedding is the first wedding planner in the world that gives you the power to live your wedding and all its events long before the special day or even long before you enter your chosen venues. The standard tools in My Style Wedding are used to create the photo realistic, 3D, interactive scenes in which you can see and experience every detail of your wedding ceremony, reception, party or planning event.

Choose your event in the Live It section of My Style Wedding. It comes to life in either a 2D or 3D view.=. See every aspect of every venue as though you were walking through it, flying over it or recording each detail with your own battery of cameras. My Style Wedding enables you to move through events as you will do on your Special Day.

Use the Paintbrush tool to change colors of elements in your venue. You’ll be able to choose the ideal color scheme for your ceremony and reception with My Style Wedding’s amazing abilities to change color and textures of tablecloths, napkins, walls and floral arrangements at will.

My Style Wedding has fantastic catalogues of people images, decorations, furniture and other elements to place in your venues. Add a table to your scene with appropriate accessories. Place guests at your tables. Move among and greet your guests as you will at your real life reception. Customize any setting from the templates provided in My Style Wedding.

Personalize your settings by importing any photos you wish. Replace the catalogue image of an adult female guest with a real photo of Aunt Bess and place her at a table in your reception hall. Place a photo of your backyard in an outdoor setting; then place tables on the grass in your photo. Place a photo of your real wedding cake into your reception scene. My Style Wedding’s truly wondrous Photo Board Wizard is only one of the marvelous features in My Style Wedding that makes all other paper and software wedding planners obsolete.

Print your 2D and 3D scenes and use them in a myriad of ways – to see your planning come to life; to aid in rehearsals, or just to show your friends and family your dreams even before they come true. Share your 3D scenes online. Save your scenes on your computer, on disk, or in your precious Wedding Album as you will your photos. Combine My Style Wedding scenes with the video of your Wedding. Save, Print and re-Live this day forever with the help of My Style Wedding.

Welcome to My Style Wedding, the world’s first and only 3D, Interactive Wedding Planner.

Dream it. Plan it. Live it.

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